Moroccan Café

Hello, we are Tareq & Driss

We have worked in Brixton for many years.  Our customers are a wonderful, international group.  People have taken to time to write about our food online, saying that it’s tasty, it’s delicious, and that our café is a friendly part of the community.

I love to cook traditional lamb tagine – lamb cooked with apricots, potatoes, carrots and cabbage and our secret spice mix that makes our tagine extra special.  Our lentil soup is famous in Brixton, so come and try it!

Our food is for everyone. We can’t wait to have our bigger kitchen so that we can make these dishes for our customers!  When we’re in our arch, we will serve Moroccan coffee, fresh mint tea and plates of flan.

Come down to the Moroccan Café and enjoy!