S&S Textiles

Hello, I am Mohammed

The vibe of Brixton is calling us! It’s enlivening to come out of the station and hear buskers and singers on the street. You walk to the Arches through the Markets and pass the busy areas outside the station and Morleys. It’s just an exciting place to be.

We have been part of the Arches community for 12 years. Working with the community of Brixton Arches is wonderful because of there’s an empathy and support between traders that we haven’t found anywhere else.

We are proud that customers return to S+S Textiles. They support us because they know the quality of our fabric and lace, and because they are comfortable with us: we know what prints they like and how much fabric they need for each garment.

We know our customers so well that we know their good habits – and their bad ones!