Brixton Pillars are a collection of independently minded shops, cafés, restaurants and bars in the famous arches – 2 minutes from Brixton Tube and footsteps away from the mainline station, take a short journey to experience the real community of Brixton.

Brixton Arches has been home to independent shops, cafes and restaurants for over 150 years. Since Marks & Spencer launched with the first penny bazaar in 1903, the Arches have been a magnet for industrious traders serving the wider community across South London and beyond.

Throughout the years local traders representing many communities have sold their wares in fabrics and homewares; nourishing the neighbourhood with dishes from Jamaica to Nigeria, Portugal to Peru. They have brought with them traditional foods, arts, culture and textiles that have helped to make Brixton a colourful and popular shopping destination.

They are the Brixton Pillars, unique businesses who have a special place in the heart of the community. They are perfectly complimented by a new, modern wave of independently minded traders with bespoke, well-crafted businesses.

Try cuisine from around the world reflecting the diversity, buzz and multicultural heritage of Brixton. Wander the indoor and outdoor markets around Atlantic Road and soak up the unique shopping and cultural experience that is Brixton

Come to Brixton Arches for everything money can buy – and experiences worth so much more. Pass by Brixton Station’s bronze commuters, forever waiting for their trains on the platforms above. Find the David Bowie mural, painted on the street of his birth.  Walk over an Eley Kishimoto Flash crossing and enjoy taking a seat in Windrush Square or visit the Black Cultural Archive, before walking down to Brixton’s historic Pillars.